The "Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural” was created to empower Pre-Columbian culture, illustrated through dazzling pieces of heritable and contemporary art with a captivating style. Each product of the Princesa Inca® house is made with exquisite design, knowledge, and ancient techniques, transforming into beautiful works of art, revealing hard work, meticulously handcrafted with artisan production, and a mixture of industrial work in more cases. It is sophisticated, with typical Peruvian inputs. The expert craftsmen and designers of the Princesa Inca® work hand in hand, painstakingly to create authentic “Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural” of incomparable beauty and fascinating brilliance, highlighting the clean lines of the metal with perfect fluidity, precious and semi-precious stones of rare beauty and luminosity.


Princesa Inca® has skillfully mastered and explored traditional and timeless art techniques to transcend collections of beautiful creations that combine unexpected materials to achieve sublime harmony and a perfect artistic balance made by artisans.

This work requires the culmination of efforts, by a team of experienced and talented artisans who strive not only to work with metals but with precious and semi-precious stones by hand, women, and men from the mountain and jungle from Perú, who help execute the vision of the brand creating unique objects of singular beauty.
The best of all is the sum of forces and the union that they have as creatives with the commitment to promote the traditional Pre-Columbian Heritage with contemporary designs. This commitment is enduring, guiding the creation and philosophy behind a piece of art.
At Princesa Inca®, innovation and creativity are at the center of her creations, a pioneer in the production of innovative designs in Pre-Columbian “Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural” which works with techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation by artisans and that They continue to define and transmit the essence of a style with an impeccably legendary presentation.


The Princesa Inca® workshop is the production center, which is deeply rooted in Pre-Columbian culture and history.

The pieces are created there, going from designers to artisans to transform the material, turning it into beautiful creations of “Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural”, unleashing all creativity, aesthetic sense, both in metals and precious and semi-precious stones.
Every day in the workshop something new, wonderful is born, each creation is conceived and created as a true work of art, with the premise of "Always do it with love".
Thanks to the unique capabilities they keep, Princesa Inca® intends to perpetuate itself from generation to generation, giving life to the most surprising ideas, embellishing the creations, and witnessing the transformation of the raw material into precious pieces that recall the deep ancestral roots of the Pre-Columbian culture.

Finished Jewels

The Princesa Inca® house remains faithful to its original values of culture, luxury, and delicacy. Acquiring a piece of the brand not only implies wearing the symbol of excellence but bringing to life the passion of those who have worked hard and with love for its creation.

Once the “Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural” is finished, the specialists carry out rigorous quality control, meticulously reviewing each detail before leaving the workshop, only after completing all the stages is each product sealed with the type and origin of the piece, guaranteeing the authenticity of the piece made with top quality products and in Peru.
The culmination of the efforts, spirit, and creative skills of the designer and craftsman in each piece of art, represent the high-quality standards that are synonymous with the name of the Princesa Inca® house that hopes to be a beacon of excellence in culture and Pre-Columbian history.

Size Guide

The jewels that are offered have adjustable and standardized sizes.