• Pre-Columbian Historical Legacy
  • Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural
  • Pre-Columbian Historical Legacy
  • Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural

About Us



Princesa Inca® Brand

Princesa Inca® is a registered trademark in Peru, United States, and the European Union include The United Kingdom, which values ​​and promotes the “Pre-Columbian Historical Legacy”.

It is dedicated to the design, production, and commercialization of pieces of majestic and legendary beauty, with a historical, ethnographic, archaeological, and artistic dimension, works of art in metals and minerals of the “Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural", which combines historical heritage with the contemporary. 

Princesa Inca® becomes the ancestral messenger of the spirit of the Incas, with the dream of empowering Pre-Colombian culture and transmitting it throughout the world, creating pieces for women who feel like princesses, who love the culture, history, and the art, paying tribute to its deep ancestral roots, where each work of art is immersed in a forest of poetry loaded with symbology with an internal voice that sounds like ritual songs that are illustrated through a sculpted piece. Museum pieces that keep an incredible secret, of a real hidden gem, waiting to be revealed.

Since Princesa Inca® was founded in 2014, it has been committed to creating Pre-Columbian pieces working with metals of gold, silver, copper, bronze, and sometimes with precious and semi-precious stones of a dazzling shine and high artistic value that sometimes surpass the metals compose it. Pieces made, worthy for princesses, timeless with a sculptural character, that have life and history behind. Peru a country that surpasses its riches and treasures has all the raw materials, the design is added to that and it is made with love, a perfect fusion is achieved.

Pre-Columbian Historical Legacy

Pre-Columbian civilizations developed in America, during the period of Pre-Columbian America, a historical stage from the first human beings who inhabited it until “The arrival of the Spanish”.

In all regions of Pre-Columbian America gold, silver and precious stones abounded, but in no kingdom, neither in Jerusalem, nor in Rome, nor Persia, nor in any part of the world, were so many riches and treasures gathered as that of the "Kingdom of the Incas" in Peru, where history surpasses the legend in amazement.

That was why the king of Spain is superior to all the kings and princes of Europe thanks to the dispossession of Peru and Pre-Columbian America, which allowed all of Europe to grow. Boundless greed and ambition led to the execution of the Inca King and the massacre and plunder of its population, taking and melting the wealth and treasures of its temples and palaces.

However, to the Incas' comfort, the Europeans "did not glimpse" the enormous and extraordinary buried wealth. Suppose all the hidden treasures and riches of huacas, temples, and buried tombs would speak and come together. The stripped would be so little, like a drop of an enormous water container! That is why Peru is an empire of hidden treasures.

Pre-Columbian civilizations had characteristics that united them as polytheism since they believed in several gods, but especially they worshiped the "Sun".

The Incas were a powerful and advanced culture, the most important and greatest of the Pre-Columbian civilizations of South America, which excelled in artistic and intellectual achievements of extraordinary goldsmithing, sculpture, architecture, ceramics, weaving, painting, textile art, rock art, ceramics, art-astronomy, etc.

In the Inca world, the "Gold" symbolized the Sun and the "Silver" symbolized the Moon, that is to say, that when wearing one of these pieces of symbolic value, the person felt that it transported to the splendor of the sacred areas of their gods and their worlds, inspiring respect, power and religiosity, a unique experience that transmits the Pre-Columbian worldview and that allows you to travel to the past and find the mystical creative spirit of women and men who gave life to the Empire of the Incas.

Princesa Inca® is proud to be an instrument and represent the Pre-Columbian artistic heritage vision, unique of luxury and exclusivity, where each piece of art of “Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural” provides a moving testimony, with a spirit of innovation without end to new possibilities, with a great deal of imagination and creativity, museum pieces that awaken the soul and heart from the depths of their ancestors.

The customer can be sure that by wearing a piece of Princess Inca® art, he will dazzle and buy the best material on the market.

As the brand expands, contributions will also expand, as the primary purpose of Princesa Inca®; it is to support the children of Peru, the neediest schools, in their first years of development, an incredibly inspiring challenge.

When love is great, words are unnecessary because even in the most profound silence, love says it all.


Company Statements


The Princesa Inca® brand's mission is to empower the “Pre-Columbian Historical Legacy” by valuing it and promoting it throughout the world, creating “Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural,” works of art in metals and minerals.



To be recognized as a leading company at the international level, maintaining the highest production and marketing standards offers an innovative design that generates value through Pre-Columbian art, providing a high-quality product that meets customer expectations.



Constant innovation
High quality of products
Excellence in service



Development of Human Capital

The development of human capital is very important for Princesa Inca®, a talented team of artisans integrates the work areas of the “Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural”, essential to achieve success.
The brand is good as are its workers.

An optimal work team involved in the production processes is necessary for the internal policies and the established objectives to be met. The higher the capacity, the greater the achievement of objectives; thus, the workers give their maximum potential to the development of their activities. A place where the necessary factors for the production process are combined: Capital, human capital, work, and business management.


Permanent Training

The brand promotes a culture of high performance, provides support plans for training, development, and provision of tools so that activities are more efficient, effective, and constant communication. Princesa Inca® empowers and transforms workers into the support of their families, talented and persevering people, who love art, portray each piece with love, and pay homage to the Pre-Columbian Historical legacy.

Princesa Inca® is committed to the socially responsible management of common progress as the main motivation of artisans and customer satisfaction.



The heart of the Princesa Inca® culture is committed to the responsible use of materials, protection, people, and culture, since the future of the planet depends on small actions that are carried out in the present, protecting the world that has been inherited. by conserving natural resources and reducing the impact on the environment.

The Jewelry and Silverware sector could not miss this production chain in processes of extraction and processing of metals and minerals. This is why the raw material acquired by Princesa Inca® comes from a “Responsible Mining” that cares for the environment through processes and quality controls, which are periodically reviewed to achieve continuous improvement in activities. The ecological search is making its way, through sustainability to conserve, protect, and guarantee ethical processes through innovative environmental practices that generate value.
The brand works under a fair trade model, which focuses on protecting the environment, providing favorable, fair, respectful, and recognized working conditions, thus promoting professional and economic growth.





The packaging made by the brand is recycled; We take care of our planet, we work to ensure that all communication materials are of sustainable and recycled origin, helping to reduce the environmental footprint and respecting our ecology.


Social Help

Princesa Inca® honors this legacy, through working with charities that inspire hope for children to have a better future. It wants each child to feel a deep love for their culture, promote and promote their empowerment, increase opportunities for education and entrepreneurship, and create better opportunities to live in a more just and equitable world.

Princesa Inca® wants to support Peru's children, the neediest schools in their first years of development, an incredibly inspiring challenge.
This year it collaborates financially with the "Escuela 21008 - Tomas Canchacoto - Huaura- Peru" empowering children through Pre-Columbian art and culture.
As the brand expands, contributions will also expand.


Company Structure

Princesa Inca® aims to promote human values of inclusion, respect, excellence, responsibility, collaboration, and well-being, caring for all areas involved, inspiring and investing in positive activities and work environments, fundamental to the long-term success of the brand.

The brand is as strong as its employees and fosters a culture of excellence and stable structure in all its areas. Its development philosophy is based on the belief that all employees must be supported in developing their talents. It strives to train workers so that they can reach their full professional and personal potential and achieve their goals through a development culture focused on increasing their ability to learn, grow, and innovate.
It is also committed to advancing the human rights of diversity and inclusion to help guarantee equal opportunities for the team to reach its full potential, empowering workers.
Princesa Inca® works as a team through all the areas involved in the development of the organization.