• Pre-Columbian Historical Legacy
  • Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural
  • Pre-Columbian Historical Legacy
  • Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural

Spiral 950 Silver Ring Jewelry

Spiral 950 Silver Ring Jewelry - Princesa Inca®
Spiral 950 Silver Ring Jewelry - Princesa Inca®
Spiral 950 Silver Ring Jewelry - Princesa Inca®
Spiral 950 Silver Ring Jewelry - Princesa Inca®
Spiral 950 Silver Ring Jewelry - Princesa Inca®
Spiral 950 Silver Ring Jewelry
Spiral 950 Silver Ring Jewelry

Spiral 950 Silver Ring Jewelry

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This original silver adjustable ring for women is made by talented craftsmen, features engraved a spiral style. The jewel represents the ancient tradition of the Pre-Columbian history legacy; an act of love creates an endless spiral of happiness that returns; it begins with the seed of creation, in the central point of the heart, an online journey that makes a circular movement, that coils and as it progresses, it gains volume, space, growth and continues to infinity, expanding and multiplying until return again to the sacred encounter, to the divine love that lives in oneself.
An exclusive design of the “Jewelry and goldsmith sculptural” Collection of Princesa Inca®.

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✅ Adjustable
✅ Size: 7 USA
✅ Inner circ.: 2.04“ L
✅ Band width: 3.0 mm W
✅ Thickness: 1.5 mm D
✅ Front: 1.77“ L x 0.87“ W x 12.0 mm D
✅ Weight: 0.43 oz. / 12.2 g.
✅ Material: 950 silver
✅ Made in Peru

✅ Free jewelry package
✅ Premium jewelry box


Spiral Collection 950 Silver

In the map of "The lines and geoglyphs of Nasca” often spelled “Nazca” according to archaeologists, there are mysterious spirals such as the monkey with spiral tail, double spirals, hundreds of spiral holes and there maybe even more, in the case of the monkey with a spiral tail it is Observe clearly from an aerial view.

The satellite images solved the possible mystery of Nazca spirals, stating that it is a sophisticated water distribution system elaborated with advanced knowledge of hydraulic engineering, these constructions would be wells to extract underground water, in the form of a spiral called puquios, researchers identified Beneath the surface, underground water channels that connected spiral holes to the entire region where the Nazca lived, where they cultivated, helping to create intensive agriculture that transformed the inhospitable region of Nazca.

The builders of these spirals had an in-depth knowledge of geology and hydrology of the area and the variations in water availability throughout the year. Besides, the maintenance of the channels was a tremendous technical challenge, since they were built on tectonic faults.

According to several Ufology scholars, they maintain that this ancient Nazca culture had contacts with extraterrestrial ships, with superior beings that left their mark as spiral routes, carefully built in the deserts of the aridest regions of the planet.

According to the Nazca mysticism, an act of love creates an endless spiral of being happy that returns; It begins with the seed of creation, which leaves the central point of the heart with a circular movement, making the initiation journey online, which coils itself and that as it progresses it gains volume, space, growth and continues towards infinity, expanding and multiplying, to return to the sacred encounter, to the divine love that dwells in oneself. The Nazca also knew that mother nature is a great lover of spirals, which are present in animals, a large number grow and develop in a series of patterns directly related to the spiral such as curled up snakes, ram horns, schools of fish, nautilus of the sea, shells, sea snails, cobwebs, fossils, etc. The maximum exponent called is the golden number, gold number, like the snail whose measurements keep the golden ratio of nature.

In plants, winged helix seeds, ferns that develop in the earth, spiral stems, spiral buds as a promise of perfection, which grow according to these cycles, for example, the branches and leaves of a tree they do not grow to the good of God, the buds of future leaves follow a particular pattern. However, in all cases, it is found that in this pattern, it develops in a spiral shape, the center of trees and plants grow dancing with the spiral of life.

The Nazca also had a great interpretation of Astronomy because they knew that the spiral universe includes: galaxies, tornadoes, clouds, eddies of the waters, hurricanes, movements of the stars, planets that travel through galactic space, the cosmos and the "Sun "Symbolizing energy, growth, life at its best, referring to solar eclipses, the eternal cycle being born every morning, dying every night and being reborn the next morning, so it is recommended that you lovingly activate the sacred energy, the universal code of life in the form of a spiral that lives in us.

Like spiral wisdom, where the soul spiraled down to acquire a physical presence at birth, it was believed that the reverse process occurred when dying and the soul spiraled again, a journey to its final destination, a journey of learning where the human being is reborn with new forces to integrate into the world, being now a bit wiser to be able to transmit his experiences to others. Let us trust the path of spiral wisdom; let us trust the wisdom of intuition.

The spiral present in the spirit to grow, evolve, expand, and reincarnate. The threshold of communication between the world of Nazca divinities and men, a spiral of energies that man makes to pray to his divinities with offerings that when burning raise the smoke in a spiral and vice versa, being aware of their internal strength and in the human body, It was also known to be a sacred evolutionary journey of spiraling life in all organs: ears, hair, fingerprints, intestines, our ADN, even embryos in pregnancy.

The Nazca creatives also held that when there is creation, there is joy, the magic of life. We all have creative potential that can be awakened if we allow it thanks to inspiration, which is why it gives good results to use spiral creativity in various manifestations, creating art, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, and creating unique moments, etc. Spirals that when creating them transport us to dream places, to states of spiritual attunement, to a divine consciousness that is the highest good of all creation.

The Cerro Blanco Dune, the Apu of the Mountain

The enigmatic Cerro Blanco is a "Dune", a mountain of sand that forms in the desert, a work of art, located in the Nazca Valley in the Department of Ica, Peru. Considered the highest “Dune” on the planet, it rises in the desert more than 2,000 meters above sea level and maintains a connection with the spirals.

Considered the main “Apu” of the religious pantheon of the Nazca (The protective spirit of the mountain). Theories affirm that the purpose of "The lines and geoglyphs of Nazca", towards Apu of the mountain, "Cerro Blanco", was to adore it for its connection to water, considering it a sacred place.

From the top, you can see a spectacular landscape, where you can see "The lines and geoglyphs of Nazca", the "Dune" and the beginning of the imposing "Peruvian Andes Mountain Range”.

There are magical legends around the "Duna Cerro Blanco", which are still a mystery as:

If It’s hiding beautiful songs of women.

If It’s the grave of a beautiful maiden.

If It’s the place where oranges turned into gold.

If within it, there is a lagoon that connects in the form of a “Spiral” to underground water channels that run through the “Nazca Lines and Geoglyphs”.



It is known about its creation, but it is still a mystery to its creation, there are main theories:



According to astronomers, archaeologists, and mathematicians, the most widely accepted theory is that it was used as a "gigantic astronomical calendar," considering it "The world's largest astronomy book." A calendar that marked the solstices and equinoxes to forecast the periods of planting, harvesting, rains, rest, partying, and others. Also, an astronomical observation site designed to target and contemplate the movement of celestial bodies such as stars, planets, constellations, and other phenomena, with the belief that they influenced the destinies of men and nations.



Another theory according to hydrologists, geologists and researchers claims that they were a "Map of underground aquifers" to locate water, essential for survival in the desert. An exact location for the location of water sources, built by a prodigious network of underground channels that started inside some hills, capturing groundwater and transporting it to the cultivated fields. Today farmers associate lines and geoglyphs with the water cycle.



Another theory that prevails according to the ancient beliefs of the Nazca, is that these figures represent "Sacred Places of Gods", Apus of the hills, divinities, living creatures, epicenters, to carry out cults, rites, offerings, and ceremonies to those whom he believed that they also controlled the forces of nature such as earthquakes, periods of drought and floods, among others.



This has motivated the theory of several researchers and Ufologists, who firmly maintain that they were "Extraterrestrial Creation", through codes made to meet beings from other planets, a landing field of alien ships, represented in ceramics with a large number of drawings of winged gods and others who, without having wings, are in a clear flight position.


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