• Pre-Columbian Historical Legacy
  • Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural
  • Pre-Columbian Historical Legacy
  • Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural

Design and Inspiration


The collections inspired by the "Pre-Columbian Historical Legacy" preserving the divine and supernatural spirit, pieces laden with historical and artistic value combined with the contemporary world. Pieces that are developed with exquisite design, knowledge and ancient techniques, which pay tribute to the majesty of the "Pre-Columbian Historical Legacy", which when transformed into works of art of "Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural” come to life, achieving a union of arts, a synergy of styles and the know-how of Peruvian excellence. Princesa Inca® launches two majestic collections per year:


  • Spring / Summer Collection
  • Autumn / Winter Collection

A unique Style

The design is characterized by a union of arts, a synergy of styles that combines the "Pre-Columbian Historical Heritage" with a "Contemporary Design". A unique, timeless style of "Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural" is kept alive, including metals, precious and semi-precious stones. Pieces with a sculptural character, for women who feel like princesses, love history, culture, and art.

Creation of Designs

Each process begins with a great inspiration of love, and in the most profound silence the design is defined, a series of sketches with drawing techniques, which include the type of metal, precious or semi-precious stone, dimension, shape, texture, which They will finish elaborating with colors, watercolors, a set of shadows and lights, to later continue perfecting the creation using specialized 3D software, which allows giving added and sophisticated value to the design, specifications necessary to elaborate an artistic design with a high meaning Pre-Columbian cultural. Once the design is finished with all the details and key points of each piece, a meeting is held with the "Operational Director" and those responsible for each area of ​​Jewelry, goldsmithing, sculpture, gemology, art in gold leaf and silver leaf, to coordinate and communicate that the idea is correctly interpreted and represented by the talented and expert artisans of Pre-Columbian ancestral art, who will carry out the production, transforming metals and minerals into extraordinary and legendary pieces of art.

Peru Goldsmith Emporium

We are proud to recognize that Peru is an "Emporio Orfebre" that has one of the best jobs in the world, not only for its raw materials but for the design and work of expert artisans. Creativity is constantly renewed and it is the fundamental code of the Princesa Inca® universe where each creation becomes a beautiful work of art with an ancient heritage of Pre-Columbian culture and history.

Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural

Princesa Inca® marks the entrance to the select group of the great names of “Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural”, with designs of rare beauty with a unique style that evokes the worldwide splendor of Pre-Columbian culture, distinguishing itself from the rest from its competitors. Infinite magic that houses creative wonders complements those who wear them, precious, dazzling, and bold pieces. The know-how of Peruvian excellence.

Collaborations with designers

Princesa Inca® also performs some special collaborations with other designers.