• Pre-Columbian Historical Legacy
  • Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural
  • Pre-Columbian Historical Legacy
  • Jewelry and Goldsmith Sculptural
Royal Gold and Silver Palaces

Royal Gold and Silver Palaces

Unforgettable and resplendent

Large palaces, the supreme art of construction, on the sober and imposing exterior unfolded with large courts surrounded by correctly assembled smooth walls and on the majestic and unforgettable interior, resplendent in gold and silver the Inca King, the nobles and their servants. As Inca's power grew, luxury and waste in royal palaces also grew. Each Inca palace was like a museum or jewel of the ancient Incas, where its Panaca guarded it.


Extraordinary Walls

Walls adorned with works of incalculable value, in each corner they found the luxury they enjoyed, upholstered walls and beautiful paintings of feats with gold and silver.


Interior Service

All the interior service of the royal house, the kitchen, dishes, pitchers, glasses, etc. were made with gold and silver, but also using them was a symbol of nobleness, nobility, and peace, such as drinking from the Inca's glass. Jasper doors and colored marble The bathrooms had jars, pipes, gold and silver fences.


The Royal Rooms

The rooms were plated with gold plates, there were also human statues and supernatural characters, sculptures of animals such as birds, deer, tigers, etc., the most beautiful flowers in the kingdom and special objects giving a wonderful and unique appearance to the royal rooms. all in gold and silver.


Musical Instruments

There were various musical instruments to delight the sound of the Inca King and the nobles, among which the wooden and metal drums in gold and set with rhinestones stand out.


Jewelry, silverware, and clothing

Inca jewelry, silverwork, and clothing also shone with gold, silver, and precious stones such as turquoise, emeralds, and others. Some Jewels have great mysteries such as beautiful and large necklaces, bracelets, ear muffs, rings. The goldsmiths wore patenas on their heads, patenillas on their beards, garlands on headdresses, masks and the precious mascapaicha that is the symbol of the power of the Inca and the one worn by Pachacútec, instead of the tassel of Incarnated wool of its ancestors, I use a mascapaicha curd of gold and emeralds. The Inca and the nobles wore gold-embroidered shirts for the newspaper and made for ceremonial use with larger gold plates, they did not repeat their costumes. Besides, they added ornaments on the chest, headbands, and gold flip flops. The bedding and blankets were vicuñas.


Seat and Go

The seat of the Inca or Tiana was made of solid 16-carat gold and the walk was carried by 25 men, it was also made of gold and large stones and emeralds.


The gifts of the Incas

The gifts of the Incas were solemn and verbose.


Death and a New Palace

When he died, each Inca left his royal palace intact, with its interior service, rooms, instruments, jewelry, silverware, and gifts that his successor could not touch. The new Inca had to build his new palace and send artists, jewelers, and goldsmiths from all over the kingdom to manufacture everything new. A gold mask covered the deceased for the extension of his life. The body was embalmed with gold, and it looked as if it was alive, the eyes were made of a gold leaf that looked natural.

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