SPIRAL 950 Sterling Silver Earrings

SPIRAL 950 Sterling Silver Earrings

Princesa Inca®
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This classy sterling silver earrings for women are made by talented craftsmen, features engraved a spiral style. The jewel represents the ancient tradition of the ancient historical legacy, a spiral path of wisdom, where the soul descends to acquire a physical presence at birth, and an inverse process occurs at death, where the soul rises, a journey to its final destination. A learning path where the human being is reborn with new forces to integrate into the world is now a little wiser to transmit his experiences to others. Let us trust the intuition that is the whisper of the soul that will show us the way.

An exclusive design of the “Jewelry and goldsmith sculptural” Collection of Princesa Inca® 


  • Adjustable
  • 0.59" H cabeza
  • 1.0 mm H cuerpo
  • Horizontal :  2.16"L x 2.36"W x
  • Vertical :      3.34"L x 0.98"W x 
  • Weight: 0.94 oz.  / 26.7 g 
  • Material: 950 Sterling silver   
  • Made in Peru


  • Free jewelry package
  • Premium jewelry gift box
  • Silver cleaning cloth