COLIBRI 950 Sterling Silver Bracelet

COLIBRI 950 Sterling Silver Bracelet

Princesa Inca®
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This charming sterling silver adjustable bracelet for women is made by talented craftsmen, features engraved a hummingbird style. The jewel represents the ancient tradition of the Pre-Columbian history legacy; the hummingbird as an incredible migrant, some of them are known to travel up to 2000 miles to reach their destination, reaching great distances, registering that we must cultivate persistence and courage in pursuit of dreams and embrace the hummingbird's life force. A work of art made by nature, the smallest and most beautiful bird in the world, and inviting symbol of life, all the reflected light of creation, a gift from heaven. So when a "Hummingbird" appears, it's telling you to get ready! That the beauty of things that are on the way will take you by surprise.

An exclusive design of the “Jewelry and goldsmith sculptural” Collection of Princesa Inca®.


  • Adjustable
  • Bracelet: 6.29" / 16.0 cm Circ.   
  • Band with: 2.0 mm W
  • Front: 2.55"L x 3.54"W x 1.0 mm H 
  • Weight: 0.71 oz.  / 20.3 g 
  • Material: 950 Sterling silver   
  • Made in Peru


  • Free jewelry package
  • Premium jewelry gift box
  • Silver cleaning cloth