COLIBRI 950 Sterling Silver Ring

COLIBRI 950 Sterling Silver Ring

Princesa Inca®
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This original sterling silver adjustable ring for women is made by talented craftsmen, features engraved a hummingbird style. The jewel represents the ancient tradition of the Pre-Columbian history legacy; the only bird that can fly backward, forwards, upwards, downwards. When he drinks the nectar of the flowers, he teaches to savor and appreciate the magic of the present moment for being alive, the paradise of aromas, flavors, and laughter; but when it can fly backward, it teaches that the past can be remembered but that it should not be insisted on and that the future is the beauty of dreams and must move forward as the evolution of its beautiful flutter.

An exclusive design of the “Jewelry and goldsmith sculptural” Collection of Princesa Inca®.


    • Adjustable
    • Ring: 2.55" / 6.5 cm Circ.   
    • Band with: 1.8 mm W
    • Front: 1.57"L x 1.96"W x 0.8 mm H 
    • Weight: 0.22 oz.  / 6.5 g 
    • Material: 950 Sterling silver   
    • Made in Peru


    • Free jewelry package
    • Premium jewelry gift box
    • Silver cleaning cloth